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Over the past two decades, Afghan women have led efforts to build a brighter future for Afghanistan, often working in partnership with the U.S. and the international community.  Their work helped secure powerful and rapid incredible advances for women’s rights and development quickly—but also raised their visibility and made them targets of the Taliban. With the Taliban now in control, the situation for these women is getting more dangerous by the minute. Women who have dared to speak out against the Taliban, or advocate for women’s rights, are at the top of kill lists. They are targets for kidnapping, torture, and assassination by Taliban forces.

Across the country, a dangerous roll-back of women’s rights is already happening. The Taliban is preventing girls’ education, restricting freedom of movement for women without male guardians, and committing atrocities including public beatings and forced marriages to Taliban fighters.  For those who cannot escape, we will continue working to ensure Afghan women and girls get the support they need. Please join us.

Image credit: Mina’s List Activist, 8/19/2021

Afghan women and their families urgently evacuating Afghanistan as the Taliban take control of the country.