Nigeria Project

Mina’s List Nigeria Project

In partnership with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Nigeria (WILPF) and UN Women Nigeria, Mina’s List supported women’s increased political representation in Nigeria’s 2019 General Elections. The program provided capacity-building campaign trainings and cutting-edge WiN app technology (Women Influencing Nations) to 16 female candidates across 8 Nigerian states and from 11 different political parties. 

Nigeria has one of the lowest rates of female representation in parliament across Sub-Saharan Africa, and globally, ranks 185th out of 193 countries. The national average of women’s political representation in Nigeria is 7.83 percent which is far below the global average of 25.1 percent and the Sub-Saharan Africa Regional average of 24.8 percent.  Like women around the world, women in Nigeria face multiple barriers that limit their access to politics. These barriers include discrimination, lack of political training and political networks, economic disparity, biased media, social or cultural barriers and inequities, and political violence. 

To address the gender gap in access to political resources, Mina's List and its technology partners at Voatz developed and launched the WiN App in Nigeria. The WiN app is a mobile campaign and fundraising platform that helps women candidates overcome social and economic barriers that limit their access to political leadership. Using blockchain technology, the WiN App enables candidates to safely and securely manage their campaigns on smartphones and tablets. By using a built-in Nigeria-specific money transfer system, the app enables them to receive campaign donations.  This method of fundraising disrupts traditional money and power circles and reduces exposure to gender-based political violence.

“In developing countries, women legislators are routinely targeted for intimidation. They are the last to enter politics and the first to leave. Mina’s List is the first organization I know working to give women the tools to not just get elected, but to stay in parliaments.”
The Honorable Dr. Iyabo Obasanjo
Senator, Nigerian National Assembly (2007-2011)

Mina’s List WiN App serves a dual purpose

  1. Candidates can use the app to build a following and receive donations.
  2. Donors/supporters can use the app to learn more about the candidates, donate funds, and spread the word about candidates they support.


  • A money-transfer account (PayPal, Mobile Money, digital currency) linked to their profile allows candidates to easily accept donations from supporters - even in cash-based economies or regions with limited internet access. 
  • Blockchain technology ensures maximum transparency and security 
  • Anonymity for both donors and candidates where public knowledge of such donations may present a security threat 
  • Verification of donors to ensure compliance with campaign finance laws where applicable
  • Reduced processing cost of monetary transactions (~below 1% of the donated amount in most cases)
  • A two-way feedback mechanism for donors/supporters and candidates to message each other, and connection to existing social media platforms.