Photo Credit: Omar Sobhani/Reuters
Peace Forum

Afghan Women’s Peace Forum

In partnership with the Afghan Women’s Network and UN Women Afghanistan, Mina’s List is organizing the Afghan Women’s Peace Forum. The Forum will be held in parallel to the ongoing Intra-Afghan peace negotiations with the Taliban currently taking place in Doha, Qatar. After decades of war, and with 19 years of gains in women’s rights at stake, it is essential that Afghan women’s voices be heard at the negotiating table and around the world.

The Peace Forum will function as a one large venue for up to 200 women from across Afghanistan to hold panels and workshops on what is needed to build a just and durable peace. Holding these events in one large hub next to the official peace process will amplify their voices and perspectives to the negotiators and international allies. The women will also be able to connect with each other and organize collective action to continue influencing the peace process and its implementation. 

From years of work in Afghanistan, Mina’s List knows that Afghan women are ready to lead their country towards a more peaceful and prosperous future. While women’s leadership is important in all contexts, it is often the very key to peace in fragile and conflict-ridden environments. The Peace Forum will highlight Afghan women leaders, such as those below, and give them the platform to lead Afghanistan toward peace.

Afghan Women’s Peace Forum

Research proves that when women’s groups are able to meaningfully influence a peace process, an agreement is almost always reached, and is 35% more likely to last.

Studies also show that when civil society organizations, including women’s groups, are involved in peace processes, they are 64% less likely to fail.